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Money Ray


Grandmaster Caz
Easy AD
Almighty Kay Gee
Money Ray
DJ Toney Tone
Charlie Chase

On Friday October 4th one of the legendary Cold Crush Brothers passed away. Please inform the HipHop community by sharing this with them. We received sad news this morning from both Easy AD and DJ Charlie Chase that fellow Cold Crush brother, Money Ray (Eric Hoskins), had passed away last night and the young age of 38. His recent diagnosis of cancer took everyone by surprise as he was the youngest and considered to be the healthiest member of the crew. Charlie Chase emphasized that Ray was always eating right and working out. Money Ray has been down with the Cold Crush since 1980. Originally he had been a dancer for the crew. He and his dance partner, Henry, were known as the "Smurf Twins." One day, when JDL wasn't able to make it to a performance, the Cold Crush Brothers asked Money Ray to fill in. He knew all the songs and routines and since that day he had emceed with the crew full time. He will be greatly missed by the Hip Hop community but even more so by his fellow Cold Crush Brothers (DJ Tony Tone, DJ Charlie Chase, GrandMaster Caz, KayGee, Easy AD, and JDL).

The ColdCrush would like to send their thank you's to eveyone who called, e-mail and posted on the site. "We appreciate your repect." - ColdCrush